Past measures③"A declining birthrate measure plus one


In 2002 (14, Heisei) age September, "a declining birthrate measures plus sone" was gathered up in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
This is a thing to propose so that Great Society pushes forward an all in one body general action including "the review of the way of working that I included a man" in or "the child care support in the area" whereas a conventional action was the thing mainly on the measure about the childcare from the viewpoint of coexistence support of work and the child care

1 Review of the way of working that, including the man, the realization of a variety of ways of working

2 Promotion of both parenting and work

If a child is born, as for all father, the spread of regular staff systems is aimed for with the acquisition of the vacation of at least five days for a short time .

At least five days! ?

How much is it at the maximum? Are five days not the periods when mother is in the hospital?

Oh, it is well.

And it is shortening of the overtime hour to be similar for child-support period.

I will want you to return as mother early and because newborn one's child is pretty, father is early and will want to return above all.

When is it until?

For the elementary school attendance at school beginning period to around 6 years old And the increase in diffusion rate and parental leave acquisition rate of the care leave system of child is an aim.

Is it a care leave system?

For the nursing including a disease and the injury of the child, it is to be able to acquire a vacation as a limit on 5th regardless of the number of people of the child a year. It is different from the paid vacation.

Oh! I did not know that!

But are you not sorry for five days if a child suffers from influenza?

Is it that is prohibited if I reject it that it is a paid tiger then?


3 Improvement of childcare services

Promotion of the Operation Taikizidou!!

What is there to be concrete?

It is the measures that can support depending on the need of the person whom the time including the part-time person is limited to.

Specifically, You check measures of Yokohama!