Past measures④Hokkaido

I'm in the neighborhood was Nakayoka~tsu each other such as aunt or a neighbor to put voice and feel free to look at such as drama depicting a thing of the past.

The society of before proceeding with the nuclear family, people Sewazuki who worries about children around I could go a lot frayed or damaged...

Idea that protect and nurture children in the area of regional trap might be was strong.

It is not now Nantes Is there that even though the old days?

No, I think we are? And still So ...'m sure such as like the elderly, the mom or dad having been subjected to child-rearing, children or not it if you ask a child care while you work on those people?

Oh for sure! ! - I'm a many mon seems like such as the elderly children!

I'll have prompted the participation of volunteer groups and parenting Circle "Sewazuki-sukiyaki Corps" as known as "Sukiyaki Corps" volunteer such a circle in Hokkaido.


Watch over from school is by volunteers Circle In addition to child support and temporary custody Takao-kun as said, also organizations that provide support activities related to such grown up children and provide opportunities for exchange of parent and adviser on child-rearing No certain.

I think it is encouraging and there are people you can consult!

And I hope society so that you can have a relationship with people around and parenting home Hanashiaeru willingly and can now.