Past measures②Japan angel plan

Example of Yokohama was found, but Japan did have any measures against declining birthrate?

You listen each well! Look at this table


What did they at the Angel Plan.

Between 10 years of progressive, we have been efforts for or increase the number of day care centers, or promoting the child care of 0-2 year olds, and the like may be longer childcare time, for better childcare services

But falling birthrate there not willing?

That's Right. Not a man say or are busy working, and that he prevented much nursery is or not enough.

Therefore, we began to work on a mechanism that not only child care services to make "children and child care support (support) plan 'from 2004, the child-rearing support each other in the area of review and way of working.
Planned to be carried out on the basis of "waiting children eliminate local governments tackle the country and" look-ahead "Project" in the example of measures were carried out in Yokohama "children waiting zero". By the way, the number of adoption that was submitted from the local government 112. Business conducted by each municipality is different, but many local governments of trying to tackle so. And I hope it increases more in the future.
"And children, child care vision" could be. This vision, of which aim is to work to create a society that come true is hope in the position of those who raise a child, and nurture had a baby.

I'm looking forward to what will happen from now on!