By the way, a parental leave acquisition rate of Japan is 1.72%.

It is too low.

Ummm..., I think that is the problem of each mind, but should I put it once?

es, but only the problem of their each mind is a little insufficiency.If you becomes a government workers and thinks that you want to let fathers take the parental leave, what will you do?

When I heard my father's opinion, I had thought that we are never able to consider women as same as men, because they are fundamentally different. It is a woman that have a child and must be absent from work when they give birth.
And also childcare would go with it.

But I think that a person reliable have to be near to the woman because she will make their emotional instability. After all I think that at first it is a problem of the consciousness of the man. How do you think, Takao?

It will be the problem of the consciousness, but we have to mind about relationship between the superior and us.
There might be no idea for taking childcare leave.

But there is some father who did not know that mother abuses a child, so I think they have to get the and communicate with their children.

Are you thinking that we have to change consciousness of their fathers?

Though there will be the problem of the consciousness, but the relationship between the superior and us must be concerned. In the first place a thought to take a maternity leave seems few
But I am with father who did not know that mother abuses a child by the abuse case of the child, and do not think that parental leave should contact with a child more
Is consciousness of father a thing?

Though will be interested in a child; ... Housework allotment mind This is the problem of what kind of area?
Do you not think in various ways at time when it was promulgated if I fix the maternity leave system for the man? That I turn consciousness for the child care in Great Society?

It is that "(father continues just working) to be hatched in the parents' house for pre-around three months to be born, and to lay at the parents' house" that "the woman stops work if she marries" was manners and customs in old days

After all what family is the same impression about the old days, too?

After all it is the header which should move in Great Society if I want to put up a maternity leave acquisition rate of father simply when I think from a success example of Sweden.

The problem is the salary.

The environment that parental leave is hard to take first of all makes a system such as Sweden .

with Great Society, and is the thing enough when you come to should change consciousness?

Mmm!…. I think whether I really go like Sweden .

Oh, is it a help? Japan and Sweden are different things. How should I do it?

Let's consider more of the problem.


◦I can acquire it until a child becomes 1 year old

◦I can ask the company for reduced working hours system (reduction of working hours) in the company until a child becomes 3 years old

◦When a child cannot enter a nursery school and meets, I can acquire it to 1 year, 6 months old

◦With the exemption of the person and the entrepreneur burden of the premium (welfare annuity insurance, health insurance) social during parental leave (but must take out unemployment insurance more than one year)

◦When parents take the suspension of business by replacement, I can extend the suspension of business period of 2 months

◦When I acquire suspension of business within eight weeks after delivery, the second acquisition is possible

◦A wife can acquire even a full-time homemaker
There are some reasons for the lower acquisition rate, "is hard to say it in that in the workplace"; is it not a big reason that "the family budget becomes serious?"
For example, when it is hard to say it in the workplace. The people more than ... 50 generations in late 40s are the generations when it is not natural even in the maternity leave of the woman. I understand that the company cannot readily say the boss in the case of age like it.
In addition, it is thought about by the maternity leave acquisition household income falling because the case that the family budget is great is generally higher in the income of the man.
It is one method that institutionalize at the whole company like Nippon Life Insurance Co. to raise an acquisition rate from such a thing. However, I may be troubled as a side to acquire, and it is said most, and there may not be it despite a method even if institutionalized at the whole company when I think by the decrease in household income.

This is a example of Japan.

Oh, I just noticed, it is different from North Europe, and is Japan not hard to be enriched with a social security system because a tax rate is low?

Oh! !I did not think it !!!

The usage of the tax of Japan is not conclusion too much.

Of the tax raise it; and tax reform!

Does the unplanned raise in tax worsen recession?

We studied this at the class of economy,didn't it?

Yes,we did.

Because both the company and the government have no it to spare, should subsidy or appearance .

So we have to review use of the tax first of all,isn't it?


In "the male consciousness of employee oneself, a disincentive of the parental leave acquisition hides behind". In other words, the aspect that uneasiness consciousness of man employee oneself, "the understanding of the family may not be provided for an income being cut off during suspension of business" whether "a position and the carrier in the companies which I built with much effort are damaged" inhibits the acquisition of the parental leave.

is the world that after all we do not know that there is.

Is there a correct answer to have done what?

It is very difficult!!

Shall we review the problems?


②The environment that parental leave is hard to take
The government which cannot say that use of the tax is right though tax is necessary in a policy. It causes the recession when I raise tax.

How about we overcome the recession、and then raise tax?

Overcoming the recession is not the solution of a difficult y of environment in which taking childcare .

And also,what you saying is not possible in present Japan.

That's right...

In the first place, that, are you going to include a parental leave acquisition rate?
I reduce a burden on mother, and this is because it makes it easy to have a child!

Mmm, should I not work hard to bury difference in consciousness of the man and woman first of all?

We want men to participate more in child care!

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