By the way, though we have learned the various causes of declining birthrate, let's think how to solve that problem!

Let's try to give their points in dispute to begin with.

First, dependent ratio of aged population increases, and working people take the heavier burden. So, families that live separately increase. Also, because of remote brother of the year or an only child, the concept of the family changes, I think.

Oh, I know! That's nuclear family?

Yes. This is that a family doesn't live together.

Then, aged people increase, and social system become not to fit the society, I think.
For example, though it's difficult for home for aged to operate even now, if aged people increase more, they won't be fulfilling their original functions. Either will social security system.

What can we do in order to prevent thet? Let's review past measure.

Well... That's attempts in order to improve child care services,for example, nursery center incrase or that we push forward childcare or that we lengthen in childcare time.
I think measures for primary school child are lacking.

I think that the reason is that measure for child on waiting list is a matter of the first priority.

Then, let's think about the "wall of the first grader".

I wonder people who want to become a teacher decrease because they are said easily that they treat children ill in the news.Umm... That's monsoon parhelion?

...Monster parents?

Oh, that's!

The reason why there are many measures for child care is that people are make to think "I seem to be able to get along even if I have a child"? Most people don't think things in six years from now.

"Wall of the first grader" means that measures for decraese of primary school teachers are lacking?

This may be different to what you think. I think that it used to be well until nursery school and kindergarten, but that people go to the place where security facilities and unmade suddenly, they can afford occurs.

I see!
By the way, Sweden seems to be famous as a welfare state, and eight years, that is a child to become 8 years old, people in Sweden seem to take a parental leave even 450 days.
It is left to the people themselves to use or when the parental leave, but even after the first grade, measures are.

It is said that something in Matahara just to take parental leave that it is Japan, and understanding of such childcare is little wonder if ...

I think child care environment is bad indeed.

By the way, there was a article that a mother is embarrassed, not becoming an ideal mother who society want.

"An ideal mother" means a woman who works hard with no bother and raise her children?

Umm... That's a woman who does housework and firmly childcare? After all, most people think "men are outside, women are inside".

But, household is dangerous if you do not double-income. I think the money will run out.

So, women work hard inside and outside. But it is accused be able to maintain good balance of work and housework...

I think that it is conscious mother of raising children is bad.

This problem is likely the relationship with income.

For parental leave acquisition rate for men, people in Sweden have a parental leave of 450 days in 8 years in total parents, but gain coefficient of father I seem to have bought low in the same way as Japan in Sweden. So the government, if you make a system with a fixed 's something of father, mother father either that, can get 390 days of rest, men gain coefficient seems to have really up to 60 days.
In Japan, I wonder if I can be somewhat forced, and to acquire?

I think even to get parental leave forcibly example, it's no good if you do not healed from thinking "men are outside, women are inside". ...I wonder if that mean there is no merit to breed.

So let's recap the relationship between income and low birth rate here.Women will also receive a high level of education by income level rises first. Then loss comes to exits able to earn higher wages and women, and raise a family.So women will increase to Firefox 3.0 work does not lay a child, or even to make a child.

I think that that earn high wages and also related to the non-marriage of. Minute of their wages is high, of asking the salary of high ideals to men?

What does it become a tendency to marry later rather plum children male partner of a person of-age to give birth to a child is or was sent or was neat, income and stable because not obtained?

But women are working, men's stay-at-home dad also I wonder if there is not it?

But, if the spirit that boys mustn't enter the kitchen is still rooted in Japan, stay-at-home dad may be in unacceptable.

Umm... That's big problem.

Father's salary is higher than Mothers. That's a social issue after all.

Part dispatch are many regardless of men and women.

It is a recession

But, there is a word "boys do not enter the kitchen", but, because most chefs are men, I'm completely biased.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, it seems to have created a system that company gives men and woman the same salary.
But, because women can't do dangerous things, the system did not work well.
Such as relocation of a business trip abroad, such as the representative, because I or tough to be a woman.

Certainly, but it difficult to Once had a baby.

When it comes to , whether it is prepared to work until retirement age , married women , childbirth can not be .
Only woman to a translation can not give birth . Children I mon want after all .
Then contradiction I would occur here .
Man can marry even worked until retirement , but women are not the case .
After all , understanding of the couple is asked .
It is that , whether we can use well the parental leave is important .
But , since the salary does not appear to parental leave , usually , it comes with high salary men than women has obtained , a large loss .
I do hard to get because it is Everyday open .
When it comes to the rest , but I would not pay out , would be high risk ?
The story to be who I 'm earning .
Then Make it supposed to be female salary is lower than the men rest , unfortunately.
So , it allows you to return to work towards the child care when calm .
Man because I not the case . To there is a need to work much

Oh... I see.(Takao spoke well...)

It seems more a better still.
Company company that might allow the return or more, or me to shorten the working hours instead to reduce the salary, us to clemency is Because he seems increased from a long time ago.
The combed or went to work on the child entrusted to grandfather grandmother afterward, it is easy to work a little for women.

Problem occurs here.
Happiness of women, I was to marry a good person in the old days, but there is also a pleasure to work now.
Life choices of women since spread than the old days, it is to be in trouble.
Couple of a long time ago you know that it was a light master-slave relationship?
Wife will do and say "my wife" My husband does "master"?
Japanese of these is what you are coming from the idea of male chauvinism.
Concept of male domination of women is because they affect to the language, this might be a problem can not be wiped.
But I, you are also a good thing.
By an increase in choice, women became free from the old days.
Just because, this problem is but I do not resolve ...

Well, I found out, what women look for in a marriage partner, seems to understand, personality, housework child care, to work! (From birth Trends Survey)

Unlike a couple of the old days, it is the era say that I thought.

It Is not another everyone you know it?

That's right.

It is children that evil to live yourself.
You do not want brought up children to be patient it might find a little bit.
It's become unable to work because of the children, if I job much trouble I mon would not want a little.

Marriage is good but it still does not produce high risk because children. It's going to be fewer children doing this.

I question the value of the child.

Because I want to work after all. And it can to life not bound if there are no children

Because so that burdened life of one person and give birth children. . .

But I do not it lose if you think the risk of that you give birth to a child. I think it important whether I seem to want to give birth.

Even so, I think that it should not had a baby irresponsibly. I want to carefully nurtured because it is their children.
And to not like I can to abandoned child.

Myself or not it important simply because severe recession?
It restive When you are a child to increase.
I think children and has decreased along with the social advancement of women
Because society does not work even though it has already been freedom was not allowed in the old days women is possible, trying to balance in men and women, I wonder if not a Dokokachigu Hakunan.
Japan would have decided I man emperor. Man to be more about the President.

Because men can't have a child, it is also probable.

Government has been deeply involved in child care, compensation rate of salary of parental leave in ... Why would 90% and 80% in Sweden. It is a country feel I have recommended the child care. If you look at statistics in the world, does not seem really relevant low fertility and women's participation in society. (In several countries of the world, world statistics statistics of comparing human development index (HDI), Gender Development Index (GDI), the Gender Empowerment Index)

Difference can I be natural. But I think it is more special, Japan since quit work roughly Once married, female social advancement and low fertility are related.

Well, I have a lot of problems. Let's think of one by one guy that came out!


①How do we break "wall of the first grader"?

I'm gonna be I think we should I make extends to elementary school students, measures of some kind.

I'm ever had, at an elementary school's is called "Hama-kko". Grandfather was in over there, wonder if had been hired?

Nostalgic over! I'm playing together well!
Maybe, I think so. But, I think more I wonder no interest is good.

The more I think of the neighbors do not know that I'm doing is hired's comfortable to me.
And to lead to rebound to be a parent.
It is also doubtful or not it hard to place if the neighborhood?

Well, but I'll go in the spirit of mutual aid after all!

Well Certainly, spirit of mutual aid, huh important

When completed as the form that I did well is made​​, there is a credit, and I think we can be use. And I think it scary at first after all

Oh, yes.


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