By the way, let's think about how to dissolves though we studied the causes of the declining birthrate in various ways so far!
First of all, let's raise problems
At first, aging population increases and the burden on real worker become larger. Then, it increases that a family lives separately. Besides, the year of brothers is far or is not, and may the concept of the family change, I think so.
Oh, I know it! Is it a nuclear family?
Yes. It is not to live together
Also, I think that elderly people increase, and that a social system doesn't go well.
Though nursing home comes to have difficulty in management even now, if elderly people increase more, the nursing home will not function.. And as for social security system
What should we do to prevent them? Let's look back on conventional measures

Oh, they are action to make childcare service better, for example, to increase the number of nursery schools, and to push forward the childcare of the 0-2 years old child, and to lengthen childcare time.
Though they advance considerably, I think that there are few measures that are higher than "a wall of first year elementary school student" that is a primary schoolchild

After all, is this because the measures of the waiting-list child are first now?

Then will I think about "a wall of first year elementary school student?"
People wanting to become a teacher decrease because you are said to be abuse or violence in news immediately, aren't they? Well, is it ... monsunperapera?
…monster parents?
Oh, it's!
Reason with many measures of the childcare is to have people think "we seem to be able to do it even if you have a child", isn't it? Still we do not think to former money for six years.
That there are not measures for the decrease of the teacher of the primary schoolchild, is "a wall of first year elementary school student"?
It is this rather than correspond to a phenomenon; though it was favorable to a kindergarten and a nursery school, people may be troubled when suddenly they go to the place where maintenance and security are not fixed.
No wonder.
That reminds me, in Sweden, parental leave seems to be produced for 450 days though I am like celebrity as nanny state before for eight years that is a child becomes 8 years old.
Though it is entrusted when you use it to people, after small 1, it is taken measures
Taking it is said to be Japan parental leave in "Maternity harassment; and kana ... that there is little understanding for such a child care
The child care environment is surely bad
That reminds me was there an article when it was awkward for me that a person of mother was not used to a social ideal mother figure to find in the last newspaper?
When I work energetically without a social ideal image for women troubling anyone and bring up a child, is it a thing?
No, is a woman doing child care and housework well a thing? Eventually, as for the man, as for the outside, the woman, a house is a way of thinking
But is the family budget dangerous when I do not work in double harness? Do I not come to run out of money?
When it is mother to bring up a child, consciousness is prohibited!
There seems to be this problem with the relations with the income
For 450 days, an acquisition rate of father hangs down Sweden low, and, about a parental leave acquisition rate of the man, there is not Sweden for eight years in parents. So a man acquisition rate was great and seemed to go up it when a thing of father fixed it for 60 days, and the government made the system that I could acquire with both mother father for remaining 390 days.
Is it possible to let you acquire it slightly forcibly in Japan?
"The man thinks that the outside, the woman should clear it from a way of thinking that a family" says to even if he let you acquire parental leave forcibly. ・When there is not a merit to produce a ・ ・ child, is it a thing?
I will review declining birthrate and relations with the income here. At first the woman comes to get high education level because income level rises. Then the woman becomes able to win a high wage, and a loss comes to appear when I do child care. Then women to work even if I do not have a child or I make a child increase
As for the thing, may discoverture be related to becoming it when I win a high wage? Do you demand a high ideal salary from a man as much as one's wage is high?
When the man of the partner of the person of the marriageable age to produce a child is neat and is dispatch, is it a thing when I cannot lay a child because stable income is not provided, and it is for a tendency to marry late in life?
But a woman works, and, as for the man, is there not that a househusband says?
If mind still roots in Japan though I think that there is me without but entering the boy kitchen, a househusband may be accepted
Mmm, it is a difficult problem
Father is salary high. ... After all it is a social problem
Man and woman is not concerned; the dispatch part-time job is many, too

It is recession

Because even if say that enter , the boy kitchen, there are many men a chef; is completely prejudice
The company seemed to make a system when I watched The Equal Employment Opportunity Law when both a woman and the man made the same salary.
But it did not turn around well because it was not possible for the woman to be dangerous.
When, with a business trip or the transfer to the foreign countries, residence, is a woman;

It is surely difficult when I give birth with a child
When it is expected whether you are ready to work to a retirement age, the woman marries and cannot give birth.
Only a woman has the delivery and. After all a child is the thing which I want. Then contradiction occurs here.
Though she can marry even if the man works to a retirement age, the woman does not go so.
After all an understanding degree of the couple is called into question.
It becomes important whether you can use the parental leave well.
But a loss is big if men having higher salary than a woman usually acquire it because the salary is not over the parental leave.
Because it is without holiday, it is hard to acquire it.
When the salary becomes though you may take a rest when I do not appear, is a risk high?
When who makes money, it is talked and.
Then unfortunately the woman who is below a man in a salary will take a rest.
So I can come back to the workplace if child care calms down and.
The man does not go so. There is the need to act all the time.
Oh… No wonder... (He talked so long…)
It seems to be better one even now.
The companies which admitted return increased and instead of reducing a salary, shortened working hours, and the tolerant companies which I treated seemed to increase from old days and.
I lean a child on grandfather grandmother afterward and I go and dissolve it in work and become easy to work for a woman a little.
It is a problem here.
Though the happiness of the woman was to marry a good person in old days, there is work, enjoying it now.
Because the choice of the life of the woman spread than old days, I have been troubled.
Does the old couple know that it was light homage?
Will "the master" say "my wife" husband to the wife?
These Japanese is things coming from a thought of the androcracy.
Because a way of thinking of the androcracy influences a language, this may be the problem that I cannot wipe.
But it may be good.
By the increase in choice, the woman became freer than old days.
Even so, this problem is not settled…
Oh, the thing which a woman demands from a marriage partner though she checked it is personality, housework child care, understanding to work! (by a birth trend basic investigation)
Unlike an old couple, I hit that I thought in the times to be able to say
Is it not different whether everybody knows it?
It is such a thing
To live like oneself; the child is evil.
I endure it, and does the child understand what I do not want to bring up only a little?
Where I hate not working because of the child though I found a job with much effort slightly
The marriage does not yet produce it because a child is high-risk though it is good. It becomes the declining birthrate in this way.
It is a problem of the value of the child
After all I want to work. I can live life that it is not tied up if a child is not in it.
Life. Where a person is alone when I have a child
But it is a defeat if I think about the risk of having a child. I think it to be important whether you think that you want to give birth
Even so, I think that you must not have a child irresponsibly. Because it is one's child, I want to bring you up carefully.
I cannot make an abandoned child.
Is oneself important simply because it is severe in recession?
When there is a child, the things that do not come to go just as want increase and.
I think that the children decrease with the social advance of the woman
Because a woman is ready to carry out the freedom that was not permitted in old days, and do not succeed though the society does it to balance in men and women; .
In Japan, as for the Emperor, a man is decision. The president almost has many men and
Because the man cannot have a child, there seems to be it
The government intervenes in child care deeply in Sweden, and a compensation rate of a salary during parental leave seems to be 80% and 90%. When a country pushes forward child care, it is a feeling. The declining birthrate seems to have nothing to do with the social advance of the woman too much when I look by world statistics. (the statistics that the world statistics compared Human Development Index (HDI), gender development index (GDI), the gender empowerment index in world several countries)
natural as for there being a difference. But I think that declining birthrate and the woman society advance are related because Japan almost stops work if I marry in special one.
Mmm, there are a lot of problems. I will think about the guy who appeared by one!
  ①How do you break a wall of first year elementary school student?
It is a thing when you should make some measures to extend to the primary schoolchild
There was that elementary school "Hama kid" said so far. Was grandfather whom there was there employed?
Breast! I played two people well!
Probably I think that it is so. But I think that there should not be the interest
Though an employed neighboring person not to know thinks me to be carefree.
When is a parent; repulsion.
May the doubtful thing be hard to establish a neighborhood?
Uh, but after all let's go for mind of the cooperation!
Oh, the mind of the cooperation is surely important
If the form that you did well is made and is completed as a thing with the trust, may not come to be held up. After all though I think that I am scared first
That's a good idea.