Aging of population

We often hear the word,"The aging society with fewer children ", don't we?
The word "fewer children " which we are studying now is included!!

Oh, yes. "The aging society with fewer children" is the word of the problem that Japan faces, "declining birthrate" and "aging", and these are in together.

So, "declining birthrate" is not related to "aging". Is it correct?

Think it carefully. If children decrease though there is not it, as for the declining birthrate, elderly people increase for the concrete definition that declining birthrate says if a child occupies what percent of population not to mention a ratio to occupy the population. Therefore "the declining birthrate" is related to "aging".

Oh, I see. so, the declining birthrate is the cause of Japan's aging.

Apart from declining birthrate,and let's learn about aging a little.

It is The society which became high in the ratio that an older population 65 years or older occupies total population... It is quiz time! which will Japan be in,"aging society","aged society", or "super aged society" ?

Oh, there is a kind so much! Mmm!..."Is it aged society"?

In fact, Japan is said to be "super aged society" now. These three are divided by an aging rate.

What is an aging rate?

As for the aging rate, population 65 years or older is a ratio among the total population.

An aging rate in the case of 7-14% "an aging society" In the case of 14-21% "aged society" • In the case of more than 21%, I am called "super aged society".

So, an aging rate of Japan is more than 21%? That means, one of five people is more than 65 years old.

What is the cause of the aging society?

It is told that diseases became able to cure well by medical development and also richer life.

Is it not good thing that we are able to live longer? If grandmother and grandfather live long, I am glad. Why will you bring it into question?

I think that it is a very good thing that the elderly became able to live long. Seeing from the world, Japan is one having a long average life span.

Oh,it is a good thing!

But think carefully. Imagine the society,"one of three people became a person 65 years or older".

Oh... the care will not be perfect, and it will not able to receive enough pensions...

The environment for eledery will be severe.

Yes. Therefore, in the society which aged, the review of how to use and the medical system of the tax becomes important.

If I give average number of births per woman little by little, and there are a lot of children, The care becomes comfortable! After all the aging relations are close to declining birthrate.

Oh! I was about to say that!!

Though we can study only a little here,but it is good for learning more and more about aging society. Please study more,Naruko and Takao!