To think Ancert

Well , I mean that conducted a questionnaire , let's thinking about various things while watching the results .

The questionnaire is yo see page questionnaire actual results!


The reasons why you became a childcare worker

They like children!! So they are cute!!

Would not do to be really. I can't.

Really? You have many brothers and sisters , and the fit because it is so well-matched apron ?

Please stop joke ... . I can't play piano and then when it went into nursery , I saw Attitude for children of teachers ? I am not able to such a kind person...


An difficult experience that you have experienced

It is not only children but also dealing with guardians.

What 's there are guardians not love their children , is not it hard for a nursery teacher fond of children.

Work it very hard to do anything , but it 's willl take charge of the flesh and blood 're also likely to use physical strength nerve in particular support of each child is not it can not.

Because one-to-many.

Guy willl night child care , I 'm pretty sticks on account of the adult.

When you think of children , feeling that you want no existence willl night child care is.

But No inching parents that work at night ?

It does not work ... at night , in the system ... I wonder if I can such as Yes indeed

What should live such as guard 's ?

What night child care , and a wonder how much time?


In addition to the nursery to be performed in professional , there is also a place to do the childcare even after 6 pm as extended day care . It was a chance to be before 1981 , and baby hotel Unauthorized performs the service , such as the sudden death of dark red , evil or accident is reported as the incident continued , such a system is provided.

I feel useless to you no longer certain if such incident.

Oh! Do not without certainly.

I think it must be the place to be deposited with confidence after all but I wonder I want to sleep in peace under the parent about when you go to bed When you have children from.

It means that 's what about night child care ?

Should I had night child care is good . But there is no more good at the thought of children . Contradiction occurs ... ?

Difference between what you imagined and what was the reality of childcare jobs

Weight of responsibility , the difficulty of family support ...

We not only have to worry about only children , We need to think also of the family I 'm useless.

Things you are being careful for guardians

I often hear the story of the person you do not impose your thoughts.

The answer willl " try not to push the child-rearing can" , a very polite feeling is also the parent against child.

Yeah. " The important thing convey firm as an advocate of children " in willl also , I think in the presence of a mighty bridge of parents and children 's nursery .

Because he that parents should be doing originally Do not I tough so mentally.

It does not collect that is not transmitted well that I want to tell Innovation tough , mentally is a multilayered So if you or the frenzy.

Can have many parents , and to respect all if there is opinion of each to each is so difficult.

It has hard for there.


What is a request you think that the government should do?

I feeling quality over quantity.

What is the " . Enhancement is of childcare leave system that is taken with confidence , able to return to work " , I like it the parents come to deposit ?

It would be not only guardian ? I think that including nursery itself.

Country ? Given the eliminating the waiting children , to increase the nursery , but people who are about the actual work , or even be asking that another.

Children nursery teacher treat Naa I'm a child that has passed through the frame of waiting children.

But , persons in charge of per capita not you reduce if you try to increase the nursery teacher in an attempt to reduce the waiting children.

It is not it good to be because to allow for one person children than before by increasing number of people in charge Well ?

Or that guy disagreement with the site ? To increase the quality , the number of nursery teacher at most after all , need to decrease the number of people who see the per capita
⇒ nursery teacher want a lot

I do not not reflected in the still country 'll never have once measures to increase nursery As you saw in the pages of the measures.

The measures the country has taken , and would it be to miss the point ... whether that works , would be good if you have taken the measures what.



Well, I will get back down to business .

What does it seek to country I 'm gonna be as an institution.

But , to be willing to do not have to think too far . Then a translation at most a high school student and we'll . It 's like such as praise to take parental leave for example ?

Can I also sort of thing , and I think it is good for any such system like . You think I want to hear a solution that was thought to Nari you guys high school students .

Do not would be good if you make any " child care unit " in the club rather yet? It's like see such care only after school

Conversely , there ' lays ahead of time and I mean a lot of lay people smarter about spending money to one person and say unpleasant amazing What Japan.

It then some such as shotgun marriage.

Lesser then it is a good thing to the future.

It can be fitted to ⇒ ← Here fix the declining birthrate to create an environment that is easy to produce a ⇒ children stem the declining birth rate , some else?

To create an environment that is easy rise to child !

I wonder Is there a way to make it easier to return to work something ? Try to say more and more that came up.

It would be good if it not too much a burden on the woman only by eliminating prejudice , bad impression of parental leave ? Example, to take advantage of the parental leave , such as to the division of roles in the home , in the larger in the more familiar

To create a place where you can feel free when the need arises ! ! Na over like to create a local community , such policies like the Hokkaido.

That have recognized a lot of people such as the very of childcare.

For those of you who do not filled , " it may not put in a nursery , Soshitara How to " Therefore , to continue increasing the nursery . I will be able to ensure the nursery admission

To make such as the opportunity to childcare experience frequently since I was a student ? Can I also go to nursery Shi said any part of the school education and then you then I also visit what it

It was quite a lot ! ! I glad to!!

I think understanding and extend to housework such as parental leave if you have to recognize . So I think the feeling around trying to figure out much of the child-rearing more 's important after all .