Questionnaire survey

We ran a questionnaire survey to some childcare worker.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Survey items

  1. The reasons why you became a childcare worker
  2. An difficult experience that you have experienced
  3. Difference between what you imagined and what was the reality of childcare jobs
  4. Things you are being careful for guardians
  5. What is a request you think that the government should do?

1.The reasons why you became a childcare worker


Children is a invaluable asset to bear the future in Japan.
I felt that it is great to take care of such children.
I experienced a childcare practice and knew that it is possible for me to study,so I got this job.

I wanted to know hot to care of child and relation between the other child.

I like children.

I thought so naturally since I was small because I liked to took care of a cousin and a neighboring small child.

I have been hankering for the job since I was junior high student because this job can take care of children.

This job can take care of children,and also it is able to watch the growth of the child for a longer time.

2.An difficult experience that you have experienced

There is no answer in childcare.

How can I behave to a handicapped child.

Being carefully not to injure them. What is trouble is that there is the protector who cannot love their children.

Though I want to support to the each person's growth, but it is physically impossible in the group. That is dilemma. And how far we can meet the needs of protector? For example, is the night nurseries good for a child? I sometimes be puzzled.

There is a lot of things to study even if I experienced childcare for long, and that is also pleasure of this job. Also, there is much baggage(clothes or picture books). The paint, which attach when we take care of child, will not wash off with ease. Our skin burns easily in the sun.

My physical bad condition like a pain in the low back or the neck, or supporting to the protector who has a weak mental condition.

It is a job that we have to take care of life.

3.Difference between what you imagined and what was the reality of childcare jobs

The places where childworkers can work is not only in a nursery school but also the hospital and so.
For these reason,we have to acquire wide knowledges and also needs big effort.

It is heavy work for our mental and physical than I imagine it.
And also, there are almost only women ,so the relation between workers is not so good.

The weight of responsibility

The weight of responsibility

Learning from other staffs than I thought as well as playing, I often learn as knowledge

Not only raising a child but also the home support is essential  There is it, and the part is difficult. You must talk about (being hard to say), but are hard to be transmitted through the necessary thing for the growth of the child.

I felt that it was the professional about the child than imagination.

4.Things you are being careful for the protectors


There is many protecter who claim strongly to us, so we are carefully not to be claim something.
In our school,we don't advise and attention something to protectors.

Not to force the childcare to their parents.

To look by that person's perception. But telling the important thing as a spokesperson of the children.

To listen to stories of their parents well. Not to force my opinion.

How to choose words, and how to convey with words.


5.What is a request you think that the government should do?

Not only make increase the number of childcare worker,but also reviewing thier treatment and decrease who resign from a nursery school.

They should raise our wage. The wage is too low, so the number of the worker doesn't increase , and the waiting child will not get less.

Making much budget for childcare

Not only increasing a number of the nursery schools for decreasing a waiting-list child, but also improving the quality of childcare.

Improving the quality of childcare, not only losing childcare waiting-list project.

I want you to take good care of children who will keep Japan in the future. Like Europe and America, I require of being in charge of less number of children per one childcare worker, and improve the quality of childcare. We require also a support for what they cannot do by the self-act effort especially. I want you to place psychologist and so on.

System of maternity leave that we can apply easily and we can return to own job with ease.


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