In the future
When declining birthrate continues...

Everyone, do you understand the possible reasons and current situation?

All right. But, I have a question.

What is that?

I understood that declining birthrate came to the irreparable place. Therefore what happens if declining birthrate continues as it is?

I'm concerned, too. What will happen our life?

Sure, shall we think about our future together?

The present population of Japan is decreasing year by year. This is confirmed by a graph when we learned the present conditions of the declining birthrate. Besides, not only people only decrease, but also the population of the elderly person tends to increase.

It is called "decreasing birthrate and aging population."

You are right. Social security budgets increase by older populations increasing, and the burdens on working person increase in future from now. In addition, because working person in itself decreases, the production capacity of the country is not supported, and it is thought about reducing the economic growth rate. These are what I confirmed when I learned the present conditions of the declining birthrate, is it all right?

Yes, I know everything.

Well done. Here you have a question. Do you have any idea the other reason?

The number of baby decrease year by year. As a result, the meaning of existence for babies will be more important than before.

Surely. Many children can make many communication, less children can only make less communication. The child brought up by a helicopter parent may not leave a parent. When children without the social nature became a parent, they have child care uneasiness.

Yes, it prevents children from growing up with good health. Another issues I want to pick up are diversity of family style.

Make sense. Small unit family, decreasing number of children, increase of averaged life are additional problems.

Family will be living separately?

Yes, certainly. Elder husband and wife or elder single people will be getting more and more.

You are so cool. The image of family will be changed by decreasing the number of family with children or discontinued family history.

How poor it is without living together as family.

Many problems were thought about so far. Though one, an important problem are left, does it occur to me?

Ummm, I haven't idea.

I have! Do you mean our life system will be good function?


Really!? Why?

The older populations continue increasing, but the measures fail. The system of welfare service and the medical security may not function in future. So, I think everybody will being confessed if a social system collapses.

I agree. The issue of declining birthrate has influence that it is good for neither the economic aspect nor our life. I'm frightened.

Though we are not usually conscious at all, it is the problem that actually affects our life deeply.

do you understand that there were many problems? It becomes important how you face these many problems from now on.

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