The cause⑨Lack of the nursery school

A burden on mother is considerably huge child care so far though she looks and understood it.

Year… which goes very much though I had a crush on the working woman who will work among children in the future.

Yes. Men seem to be almost busy with work.

Umm... After all, the reality is a stern thing! Mrs. Mayumi, are there any reasons why child care is tough except that time for child care participation of the men are short??

It is the thing which is not other people's affairs.

Yes! Please tell me for my wonderful future!

Roger future mother. Well, families of the working together increase because the social advance of the woman advances recently. Therefore they want a nursery school to keep a child at the time of absence when both parents work…

Aren't there nursery schools enough?

That's right! Waiting-list children awaiting entrance increase in nursery schools.


Wow, are there 20,000 people, too?!

But it seems to gradually decrease.

Okay, it decreases. Japanese government increases nursery schools and is going to reduce a waiting-list child

Oh, it is said "Operation new waiting-list child zero", isn't it?

That's right, you know a lot. Japan does various things to check declining birthrate.

Wow... you know a lot! That's you all right!

That I explain it and stand. But, in Japan, children decrease by declining birthrate, and taking care of them not enough... thinks even in children born with much effort to be troubled

... You get absolutely nothing out of it in that way again

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