The cause⑦Parental leave and paternity harassmant

Mrs.Mayumi,Please tell me another cause of decreasing birthrate?

Oh,you may be motivated? That's great. Well, it is difficult for them to take care of baby.Shall we learn what a difficult it is.

Like that?

Many of women work hard lately, but they have to look after their babies.So they are always busy. If their husbands help them to it more than now, this will be changed.

Mrs.Mayumi, what do that mean?

Look a take this graph, please.


This is the graph made the numerical value of "the change of the table 2 parental leave acquisition rate" of "conducting an investigation equally basic the 2011 employment".

Oh, almost none of the men take the parental leave

There is no point in the meaning of the system

Actually, some men intend to take the parental leave. Look at this graph


This is the thing which made the numerical value of "the survey by about future work and the domestic coexistence support" Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare a bar graph. There is the person who cannot really do for as you understand it to see this even if he want to spare time for child care

Oh, why is it?

…Do you know the word "paternity harassment"?

Oh, I know it. "Paternity harassment" is for a man of "maternity harassment"?

Oh, do you know a lot?

Oh, what do "Paternity harassment" and "Maternity harassment" mean?

"Maternity harassment" is that the boss of the workplace urges resignation that a working woman becomes pregnant and gives birth, because a trouble is reflected on the duties of the company. In other words it is harassment

Oh, any it! Is having a child wrong!?

Do not be angry with me

Oh, then "Paternity harassment" is that fellow workers annoys the man who is going to take the parental leave?

When say roughly; such a thing. By the reason of participation in child care, it is prohibited from a company official performing treatment of an employee in a disadvantage by a law. An old way of thinking does not readily disappear

It is "a man outside, woman inner", isn't it?

The old Japanese thought is inveterate and still stays. Such a way of thinking should disappear early

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