The cause⑤Tendency to marry later

Do you know a tendency to marry later which is one of the causes of the declining birthrate in Japan?

Oh, I know. A tendency to marry later is that the age that people marry becomes slower, isn't it?

All right. It is the last field on learning the cause of the declining birthrate. Look at this graph.



According to this, mean age at first marriage is rising year by year.

Wow! When the numerical value in this graph rounded off to the first decimal place, the age of women is 29 years old and the age of men is 30. I can't believe that people marry at 30 years old for the first time.

Even if people marry at how old, it does not matter for me. Well, I surely feel late. Mrs. Mayumi, why is mean age at first marriage rising?

Then let's answer. At first, age when they meet a marriage partner rises. And an association period becomes long. Let's confirm it by the next graph.



Wow, it's right. Do they become careful about marriage?

I think that it is troublesome to marry simply.

Did you think so? If I were you, I would think that I married early and wanted to become beautiful mother.

In Japan, marriage is a serious event. In some countries, a thought for the cohabitation seems to be hardly different from a thought for the marriage. This may be because it does not want to fail.

You are absolutely right. I don't want to think that I shouldn't have married if I were divorced.

In addition, if I married, I were said "When do you start a family?" weren't I? For me who am a man, I want to do work hard, so, to be frank, I don't feel profit in marrying.

Some people are careful about marriage, on the other hand, some people don't feel profit for marriage. As far as we watch the result of these graph, the outlook on love seems to be different from that which used to be.

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