The cause④Marriage

Shall I learn about income and a relationship of the marriage this time?
Oh!!Marriage is interest for me!!
Crawling was good. Then I would like the teacher
Question. There is a lover, and does neat case ... marry the person when I become in my late twenties, and the circumference begins to marry and gets impatient?
I do it if I like it so as to want to marry! If there is even love, any obstacle seems to be got over!
Should have lend it to the person whom oneself commits with housework or the care of the child; do it
Well, I do so it if I make money so as to be able to feed a partner and the child. But what would you do if you cannot eat only for one's salary?
I think then!
That reminds me does the child to become want to send a child to the private school?


When the expense that it costs in the first year of a private junior high school is an expensive school, around 1,500,000 suffer.It is around 600,000 in the cheap school.

Then do you not manage it?
Umm. To see this graph.

This is the thing which I wore with the graph according to the man and woman according to the yearly income of a common office worker

Is million the school expenses of the ... private institution a peak of the yearly income of the woman?
By the way, the cost of living not to include the housing expenses in their 30s, educational expenses, a life premium, savings is 230,000. Therefore, as for the income only for women, it is hard even if I still sharpen cost of living to the maximum in the present age when the yearly income of the woman is low even if I want to send a child to the private institution

 But do people more than child to become, world 10 million have 4%?

Ah!?A person destined to be more than yearly income 10 million surely appears to me!
You watch many  TV drama  too much,,,
In fact, there are a lot of dreaming girls like the child to become. But such a man gets marrying statistics so that a famous footballer marries early while he is young
A footballer marries a model or an announcer or a beautiful woman
That I do not show cute my thing! ? Good! Because I wait until a wonderful person comes to pick me up!
I surely worry for parents though you may wait if there is not a state to marry even if I continue waiting forever and am included in 30s. Is there a parent telling the daughter who does not marry in a drama forever to want to see the face of the grandchild?
Do not be surely .

There is it recently with marriage hunting party for such parents.They appeal with yearly income or the character of one's child in various ways. Besides, there seem to be quite many applications.


Oh,,, parents have  many trouble ..., too

Though I return to the story that asked you a question first, the probability to be married of a temporary employee and the person such as the part-time job is half of the regular staff. Besides, as for the ratio according to the yearly income of the male married person in 30s, as for 3 million or less, 3 million or more part from 25-40% clearly for 8-10%
It is severe than I thought
I want marry without thinking about a thing of the yearly income

In that way may working together increase?
All right. As for the person who does not work though it wants to act on it properly or the person who do not get money too much, poor

Well, therefore the working support for the youth is demanded.

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