The cause②Reason of not having a child/not being able to have a child

Is there anything except that a reason not to have a child is high in educational expenses?

Uh…. Is it where a house is small? I do not get it with hotness with many I brothers, one's room

Well, there are the most economic reasons that you said in a reason not to have a child in Japan. Besides, it is age•There are a physical reason, a child care burden

The salary only costs that from old days. Is it not strange not to have a child for reasons of the economic burden?

When each domestic income level is finished, the people who want to let good education be popular increase to the child like a child to become. Then do educational expenses become higher?

Oh, the economic burden does not become light because a salary rises, and the educational expenses become higher after all

GRAPH 出生動向調査

What is this graph?

I made it. It is a circle graph as a title has it.

Did you make it? But we can't find the ratio.

I announce it from now on. I say with a color. It is 30.5% of blue, red 20% green 11.3%, purple 12.7%, light blue 9.7%. Though the orange is the person whom a child is not born ti fir age and a health reason, it is 41.6%. By the way, it is unknown 7.8%.

Oh, it is great. After all, there are many reasons.

It seems to be so. That people can't have a child for age is connected with a tendency to marry late.

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