The cause①Relation of GDP and birthrate

Hey, please look at this picture.


Question. What can you read it?

Oh, higher GDP(gross domestic product) is, lower birthrate is.

Eh, but birthrate rises after it reached the bottom, isn't it?

Ohhh,,,, Why?

...Mrs. Mayumi, Japan are located to the bottom of this graph now, isn't it?

Yes, you're right.

Then, the reason why the graph goes up is that a sense of impending crisis for the declining birthrate increases like present Japan, and some measures are taken, I think.

Yes, that's right!!

I wonder the birthrate in Japan go up from now on, too.

It stops by what kind of measures Japan takes against declining birthrate.

Mrs. Mayumi, when GDP goes up, does the salary per person rise?

Umm, we can never say so. I think that it may rise.

I was convinced that it went up.

Why did you think so?

Well, if a salary rise, raw to the family budget margin. But, why does the birthrate fall?

Surely, if the family budget can afford, even if the number of children increased, it is all right.

O. K. Then, let's suppose that the salaries increase with a rise of the GDP first of all. How did you decide the number of the child when you marry and think you want a child soon?

Umm. Because I want to let my child go to the private institution, I think with the salary of my husband and I want only the number of a child that I make to go the private institution.

Oh, why do you design in anything so in the future? I haven't think marriage or child.

Was it a difficult question for you, Takao? Why do you want your child to go to the private institution?

After all, I want to let my child receive good education and take a good occupation in the future.

No wonder. But, educational expanse will become higher if you let your child go to the private institution, won't it?

So. I want to have a child as many as I like if I have even much money.

You can say too much. It is difficult for you with a physical aspect.

It is all right, because I love children!!

You think that you want a child, but that educational expense is higher, so that I can't have a child as many as you want. Cooled down a little; when couples decide the number of children, they think that in any way, compare a merit and demerit of having a child.

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